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James Clark, Democratic candidate for
Mayor in the
September 10, 2002, primary election
August 2002

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September, 2002 Democratic Primary

James Clark for Mayor

Freedom to Strive for Reparation and Get Some Results Before Judgment Day.

This city needs to make a 180 degree turn around to protect Afro-American rights.

Have you ever wondered why immigrants get better jobs that Afro-Americans?

D.C. Citizens old and young can hardly drive on the street safely during the day after rush hours are over due to residence of Maryland and Virginia coming or returning to their states zooming above the speed limits that is life threatening cursing and honking the horn through the neighborhood. These out of town residents can use Metro.

The District Building at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. is the place for an African and Slave Museum that is in the heart of the tourists downtown area. This will be done under a Clark Administration.

We need better health care for our citizens: Northern Alliance soldiers were recently flown over from Afghanistan and treated at Walter Reed, yet we don't have adequate health care for our citizens.

The city is contracting out many jobs that employees in the District can perform.

Under a Clark Administration there will be an Afro-American Administrator, for the city, and Afro-American Personnel Director and Odie Washington, and his cronies, "The weakest links in the D.C. Government can just go."

Never again will employees be RIF from the Department of Correction or from departments like D.C. General just because it was a Congressional mandate. Congress has not the insight to mandate D. C. Citizens have the right to vote yet they appropriate without delay funds for the United States to overthrow one Government and back or install another before the citizens of the District are given voting representation.

Why hasn't the Federal Government picked up the tab for all the additional cost of illegal immigration?

Any employee RIF prior to retirement should be justly compensated without a loss and the public schools should be bilingual to the degree of including Zulu and Amharic.

Paid for by the Citizens Committee to Elect James Clark Mayor
Capital Regional
P.O. Box 2402 Unit One Block N. Capital and Mass. N.E. Washington, D.C. 20001

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