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Ray Browne,
Democratic Candidate for U.S. Shadow Representative in the
November 5, 2002, general election
October 2002

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Re-Elect Ray Browne

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Representative

First Term Successes

"Ray Browne has taken the job to new heights."
-The Honorable William Lightfoot, former D.C. Councilmember

  • In a Nationwide outreach program Ray Browne secured resolutions of support for full voting representation from the city councils of Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the mayors of Atlanta, Detroit and New Orleans, and the Illinois state legislature - all of which Rep. Browne recently presented to the U.S. House of Representatives' Government Reform Committee.
  • Rep. Browne works with leaders of other parties, non-partisan groups like the League of Women Voters, labor groups, the faith community, elected officials nationwide and the citizens of every one of the city's Wards as a consistent and vigorous voice for full voting representation for all of D.C.'s citizens.
  • Launched a new program designed to obtain support from the governors of all fifty states -- an ambitious effort undertaken with the support of Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mayor Anthony Williams and Council Chair Linda Cropp.
  • Supported legislation before the D.C. City Council to create a locally-elected district attorney's office and institute local selection of our judges. Also supported the budget autonomy bill, designed to free the District from congressional interference in our appropriations process.

A Background of Service

"Ray Browne knows and cares about every section of our city. [His] stellar record of public service has uniquely qualified him to be an outstanding U.S. Representative."
-Sam Bost, President, Far Northeast-Southeast Council

  • Rep. Browne is a District of Columbia native who grew up in the Trinidad section of the city, attended Wheatley Elementary School and now lives with his wife Barbara and their daughter in Northwest.
  • Built one of the city's most respected insurance companies, The Browne Company, over the last 20 years and was past president of the Greater Washington Chapter of Charter Life Underwriters.
  • Served as a Georgetown ANC Commissioner, secretary of the Neighborhood Planning Council, Mediator for the Washington Superior Court and leader in the Democratic Party.
  • Fought for the right of GU students to vote and elect one of their own to the ANC, successfully restored a summer detail of police to Georgetown on weekend evenings and helped establish a police substation in the community.
  • Worked hard against strong opposition to turn the Hurt Home on R Street into a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed youth. Today, the Hurt Home is a success -- an accepted part of the Georgetown community and a living testament to Rep. Browne's proven commitment to the city. He continues to work with youth as a cross-country and track coach.
  • Advanced programs to aid substance abusers as a member of the D.C. Mayor's Commission on Alcoholism and Blue Ribbon Drug Strategy Team and led a fight for mandated alcohol, drug and mental health benefits for the residents of the District.

What Others Say About Representative Ray Browne
Democratic Candidate for Re-Election:

"Ray Browne deserves enormous credit for making lemonade out of lemons ...Because Rep. Browne has preferred not to profile himself but to amass a record of achievement, his work is mostly unknown and therefore unappreciated by the public."
The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, Delegate U.S. House of Representatives

"Ray Browne by virtue of his excellent record of achievement as our U.S. Representative (Shadow) should be reelected."
The Honorable Harold Brazil, DC Councilmember (D-At Large)

"Ray Browne has worked long and hard as DC's U.S. Shadow Representative. As promised in his last campaign, Ray has initiated a national outreach program designed to gain support for voting representation in Congress for our citizens. Ray has done an outstanding job in this capacity.
The Honorable David Catania, DC City Councilmember (R-At Large)

"Ray Browne is a real DC guy who is respected throughout our city. I support Ray's candidacy wholeheartedly. He has taken the issue and his office to a new level.
The Honorable Kevin Chavous, DC Councilmember (D-Ward 7)

"Ray Browne should be re-elected as the U.S. Representative (Shadow) for the District of Columbia. His record of successfully securing support from City Councils and Legislatures across the country for District voting rights has been a most important contribution to our self-determination effort.
The Honorable Jack Evans, DC Councilmember (D-Ward 2)

"Because of my ongoing commitment to full voting representation in the U.S. House and Senate, I am endorsing Ray Browne for re-election... he has kept his pledge to improve outreach to national and state legislatures."
The Honorable Adrian Fenty, DC City Councilmember (D-Ward 4)

"The cause of voting representation for DC citizens in the U.S. Congress has had no greater advocate than Ray Browne and he deserves to be re-elected as the District's Shadow Representative."
The Honorable Jim Graham, DC Councilmember (D-Ward 1)

"I am impressed with your relentless and tireless efforts to obtain statements of support from other jurisdictions...I'm happy to do whatever I can to support your efforts, including endorsing your candidacy for reelection.
The Honorable Phil Mendelson, DC City Councilmember (D-At Large)

"Ray Browne is a steadfast advocate of voting rights for citizens of our city. Re-electing him as U.S. Representative (Shadow) will assure that work on this important task continues.
The Honorable Kathy Patterson, DC City Councilmember (D-Ward 3)

"I found (Ray Browne) to be forthright, straightforward, and intelligent. He seeks good advice, and armed with his hometown opinions he has been able to persuade many people to board his express train to the Capitol."
The Honorable Florence H. Pendleton, United States Senator, District of Columbia

"Browne has likely been the most active `Shadow' since the first election for the position in 1990."
Sewell Chan, The Washington Post

"You have become an indispensable champion in the fight for justice in the District and it has been a privilege to work with you.
Thorn Pozen, Chairman, Ward 3 Democrats

ORGANIZATIONAL ENDORSEMENTS... Far Northeast/Southeast Council, Washington Teachers Union, Ward Two Democrats, Ward Three Democrats, Ward Eight Democrats, Gertrude Stein Democratic Club Current Newspapers, AfroAmerican Newspaper, The City Paper, The Georgetowner

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