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Susana Baranano, Democratic candidate for
US (Shadow) Representative in the
September 10, 2002, Primary
August 2002

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I am Susana Baranano. I seek your vote and support for the position of United States Representative, "Shadow Representative" for the DC Primary on September 10, 2002.

Thank you for signing my petitions and allowing me to run to be your next United States Representative, "Shadow Representative." I met and spoke with each one who signed my petition.

I will focus in getting the vote for the District residents.

It is very personal for me as it is for all DC residents. It isn't fair, right, and just for all of us DC residents. 

We have been in the shadows for too long. We must get out of the shadows. We have tried lawsuits, amendments, lobbying. 

Our flesh and blood, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents and our cousins living in other states have voting representation. My identical twin sister with the same genes as I do, has a voting representative (actually several) in Congress. Now is the time for more public and active phase. I will support and assist in maximizing public activist activities. I will publicize this issue nationally through all media efforts. I will involve businesses and organizations in this effort. I will involve all D.C. residents in this national public efforts. 

I am very loyal to Ward 2 Dems and will continue in the future. Since 1991, I have been a Ward 2 Dems official (Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary) I have supported the campaigns of Jack Evans, Anthony Williams, Sharon Pratt Dixon, Charlene Drew Jarvis and John Wilson. I am a very loyal and dedicated Democrat. Currently, I am serving as Co-Chair for the National and Legislative Affairs Committee of the Womens National Democratic Club. 

Since 1977, I have lived in the District making my living throughout DC. I went to DC public schools in Ward 3, where I learned how to read and write and my arithmetics. My family now lives in DC - Ward 2 and Ward 3. 

I am bilingual in Spanish.

Thank you.

Served as Ward 2 Dems Precinct Captain and Co-Captain and Secretary

Co-Chair, National/Legislative Committee, Womans National Democratic Club

Campaign volunteer
Clinton-Gore 1996, 2000, Anthony Williams, John Wilson, Sharon Pratt Dixon, Charlene Drew Jarvis, Phil Mendelson, Jack Evans 

Resident of Ward 2 
Elementary School: Washington, DC - Hearst and John Eaton (Ward 3)
Graduate School/Programs - Georgetown, George Washington University (Ward 3)

Volunteer in hospitals, museums, and community centers and activities through out the city.

Bilingual in Spanish

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