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Advisory Resolution A
Citizens for DC Justice announce endorsement of
Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee press release
October 18, 2002

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Citizens for DC Justice

Hon. David Catania, Co-Chair
Hon. Williams Lightfoot, Co-Chair
Lindsay Peterson, Vice-Chair
Jay Young, Treasurer
1050 17th St. NW
Washington, DC 20036
t. 202.498.1292
f. 202.482.9878
October 18, 2002
For information:
Frank Howard 202-496-1292


(Washington, DC) -- The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Labor Committee, the political arm of the Washington, DC Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), has endorsed Referendum A, the November 5th General Election ballot question that asks voters to decide if they want an elected District Attorney for DC.

G. Neill, Jr. Chairman of the MPD Labor Committee, said of the endorsement, "An elected District Attorney is much needed in DC as we try to address the concerns of the citizens, in terms of representation from law enforcement, in their communities."

Referendum A was placed on the 2002 General Election ballot by a unanimous vote of the DC Council. Mayor Anthony Williams also supports the passage of Referendum A, along with business, labor, civic and community organizations that advocate Home Rule for DC.

DC Councilmember-at-Large David Catania, who co-chairs Citizens for DC Justice, a coalition formed to promote the passage of Referendum A, with former Councilmember William Lightfoot, said that the MPD Labor Committee’s support is an indication of the importance of an elected District Attorney to the criminal justice system.

"Our law enforcement officers are the core of the criminal justice system. Their ‘Yes’ vote on Referendum A is an important acknowledgement of the need for an elected District Attorney for our city and its communities," Councilmemeber Catania said.

Vote YES for Referendum A.

Paid for by the Citizens for DC Justice
Treasurer, Jay Young

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