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Martin Thomas, DC Statehood-Green Party Candidate for
US Shadow Representative in the
November 7, 2000, General Election

Flyer, August 2000

Martin Thomas for “Shadow” U.S. Representative
D.C. Statehood Green Party

Martin Thomas is an experienced activist for peace and social change. He has a proven track record of drawing attention to the community, as well as local and media, to issues of injustice. On the campaign trail and when elected, Thomas will organize for a sustained non-violent direct action campaign that will leave Congress no choice but to grant us our civil rights and DC Statehood.

D.C.'s "Shadow" Representative must be a dedicated activist. For too long   the "Shadow" Representative has been held by party insiders who wished only  to add a title to their name. I have led actions for D.C. democracy, and am one of the "D.C. Democracy 7" arrested for standing up to Congress during the appropriations vote. I am a supporter of the Twenty Citizens for D.C. Democracy lawsuit which will be heard by the Supreme Court.. My experience with direct action campaigns, including Stand Up for Democracy in D.C. and the IMF/World Bank protests, demonstrate my leadership and organizational skills.

Martin Thomas lives in Mt. Pleasant. He is active in the community, serving as an elected member of the Steering Committee if the DC Statehood Green Party and coaching Babe Ruth League youth baseball. He runs the DC office of the People’s Campaign for Nonviolence. Thomas is co-author of the first-ever environmental guide to vehicles, the Green Guide to Cars and Trucks.

Get Involved!
The fight for DC Statehood can’t succeed without your help

  1. Volunteer.
  2. Contribute financially. Like all Green Party candidates nationwide, Thomas will accept no corporate contributions.

For more information, to get involved, or to make a donation:

Thomas for Shadow Rep Committee
Philip Barlow, Treasurer
1640 Hobart St NW
Washington, DC 20009

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